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Sunday School
for ages 3 yrs. through 5th grade
Sunday School Director:Mary Fjellstad
email:cfjellstad@ieee.org    #513-2001 cell
Sunday School meets each week from
10:00am -11:00am
in the Parish Hall.
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Sunday School News - Holy Moly There is So Much Happening!!
We are enjoying a great year in Sunday School!  We have lots of new stories we are sharing with the children.  We will be
continuing with our Holy Moly and Connect Curriculum.  We will be starting out the year with the Old Testament and finishing
off with New Testament stories about Jesus’ life and resurrection.   Please know that your children are always welcome and
encouraged to bring a friend to Sunday School!

The registration form is above.We suggest a $25.00 donation for one child or $45.00 for family.  Please note there is no
registration donation for Pre-K and nursery.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach me through phone or text 631-513-2001, home phone 631-265-
0657 or e-mail cfjellstad@ieee.org or cjfjellstad@optonline.net

I would like to formally introduce our new and returning Sunday School Teachers:

Nursery & Pre-School - Aimee Blumberg, & Michelle Ehrhardt with Abbey Trovitch
Kindergarten & 1st Grade - Karen Magee with Grace Magee
2nd & 3rd Grade - Rita Foster & Paula Foster
4th & 5th Grade - Tyler Francisco with Olivia Francisco & Sarabeth O’Hagan
Children’s Music Director - Sara Rose Myers

I feel so completely Blessed to have such a talented and dedicated team sharing Jesus’ love with the children.

In His Service
Mary Fjellstad
Sunday School Director

Grace and Peace,
Mary Fjellstad, Sunday School Director
#631-265-2288, cell #631-513-2001, cfjellstad@ieee.org